·No Better Way to Lose Weight Than Ballroom Dancing!

Ballroom_Dancing_Orlando_39Have a few extra pounds you could live without? Sure, you could go to the gym, run on the treadmill, sweat it out. But you could also give ballroom dancing a try! Marta Lyszkowicz has helped hundreds of people trim down through ballroom dancing. There’s no need to focus on aerobic dance techniques. Rather, burning calories is something that just comes naturally as a result of good dance classes!

Here are two of Marta’s favorite dances for losing weight

East Coast Swing

When most people think of “swing,” East Coast Swing is the type that they see in their mind. East Coast Swing is fast, lively, and upbeat. In fact, there’s very little time spent on the heel. Many East Coast Swing-ers never even let their heels touch the floor during a dance. The action is all on the balls of your feet! This style is easy to learn in group dance classes, but you’ll get more attention in a series of one-on-one dance lessons.


Take the Charleston (a variation of swing), mix it in with some elements of slow Foxtrot, and you’ve got the Quickstep, a dance that’s not taught nearly enough, if you ask Marta! You will definitely lose weight with some Quickstep dance lessons!

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