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Marta is an internationally-trained dancer, competitor, and instructor.  Dancing has been a passion of Marta’s since the tender age of only seven years old when she began training in Poland—the country of her birth.  She was already an amateur competitor by age eight.  She has been competing professionally for the last several years and has done quite well—winning or placing in several competitions across the United States.

Over the years, Marta has learned various styles of dance and she is fluent in both American and International ballroom dance styles. American Rhythm dances consist of the flirty Cha-Cha; the romantic, sexy Rumba; the fun, effervescent East Coast Swing; the slow, sensual Bolero; and the sassy Mambo.  American Smooth dances comprise the elegant, flowing Waltz; the intense, dynamic Tango, the sleek, often jazzy Foxtrot, and the fanciful, dizzying Viennese Waltz. International Latin includes the bouncy, gyrating Samba; Cha-Cha; Rumba; Paso Doble—the dramatic dance of the bullfighter; and the upbeat, lively Jive.  The Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot, and the jaunty, dapper Quickstep—all performed in hold—make up the International Standard ballroom category.In addition to the traditional American and International competitive ballroom dance styles, Marta is also quite adept at several other styles such as the spicy Salsa; Merengue—a simple, but fun party dance; the slinky West Coast Swing; and the twirling, disco-like Hustle; and—of course—the Polka!Marta has been teaching dance lessons in the Central Florida area for over six years.  She finds true pleasure in sharing her passion with others and enhancing their lives through dance.  Whether it’s teaching a couple to dance for their most precious, memory-making wedding dance, coaching a student to show their best technique on the competitive dance floor, or giving someone new moves to use out at the club, Marta thrives on the opportunity to share what she knows and loves.  She has a sparkling energy and a down-to-earth friendliness that puts her students at ease and her patience, attention to detail, and enthusiasm for the art & science of dance makes her an ideal instructor for anyone from the most casual and un-initiated dancer to the highest-level competitive dancer.

She is in the Orlando area.

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