·Ballroom Dancing: Exercise for Your Heart

Private_Ballroom_Dancing_Lessons_Orlando-01These days, everybody is concerned about heart health. Unfortunately, cardiovascular (heart) disease is the number one killer in the United States. The answer to this problem is multifold: a healthy diet, good exercise habits, and smart lifestyle choices.

With our busy, scheduled lives, many of us feel like there’s no time for exercise. However, Marta Lyszkowicz believes that mindset changes when you’re passionate about the way you exercise. For many people in the Orlando area, private dance lessons and group ballroom dance classes have opened up the door to fun and exciting exercise!

When you take dance lessons from Marta, you won’t just learn professional-level dance techniques; you’ll also exercise your heart. Marta doesn’t teach any kind of aerobic-style dance classes. Quite simply, it just isn’t necessary.


Real Ballroom Lessons Are a Form of Exercise

While some dance instructors focus on intense exercise in their lessons, Marta believes that when you dance ballroom the way it’s supposed to be danced, you can’t help but break a sweat! This kind of cardiovascular activity will help build and strengthen your heart muscle. All the while, you’ll be looking great on the dance floor!

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