Principles of Ballroom Dance Etiquette

When you sign up for professional ballroom dancing instruction in Orlando, Florida, you will be learning several new dances that can serve you well in social situations. However, it’s crucial to pay attention to dance etiquette as well. Everything from wearing the proper attire to respecting other dancers’ space will make your ballroom experience more comfortable.

Dress and Grooming

Despite the stereotypes of ballroom dancing, it’s not necessary to show up in an evening gown or tuxedo. Just like any other exercise, dancing requires you to move your body, which means you may sweat. For informal sessions, you can wear anything from khakis or jeans to comfortable, flowing skirts. Leggings also make a great choice for ease of movement.

Proper Shoes

Shoes should be as comfortable as possible. Make sure that any high heel shoes have straps so your feet stay safe and you can prevent twisting or spraining an ankle. Different dances require different types of shoes, so if you are trying out different kinds of dances, consider purchasing practice dance shoes that are designed to work with all dances. Consult your dance teacher for a more dance-specific selection.

Asking and Receiving Dances

Many people worry they’ll get turned down or won’t know how to ask for a dance. Relax, and remember dancing should be fun. Approach a partner who looks friendly or eager to dance, and ask politely. If the partner refuses, he or she may be shy; socialize a little and ask another time. Don’t give up and stay positive. Ask classmates and your teacher for targeted help.

Sharing the Floor Space

As much as possible, keep your body in its own space. Don’t dance with arms out wide; you may hit someone. Don’t dance aggressively or to show off, as this could earn you a reputation as a “ballroom bully.” If you bump someone or step on a foot, apologize right away.

Ballroom dance requires a happy heart more than anything else. Having fun will shake off any anxieties. Contact us to learn more about having a ball in the ballroom.


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