Welcome To Orlando's Best Location for Private Ballroom Dancing Lessons!

At the age of 7, living in Poland, Marta Lyszkowicz had her first dancing lesson. One year later she was competing at the amateur level. Ever since, Marta has had a passion for learning, teaching, and competing in the world of dance. In recent years, she’s won or placed in several dancing competitions throughout the United States. These days, Marta is turning her focus away from the competitive sphere to focus on teaching private dance lessons in the Orlando area. If there’s a particular dance that you want to know, then you can be pretty confident that Marta already excels at it!

About Marta

Marta has been teaching dance lessons in the Central Florida area for over six years. She finds true pleasure in sharing her passion with others and enhancing their lives through dance. Whether it’s teaching a couple to dance for their most precious, memory-making wedding dance, coaching a student to show their best technique on the competitive dance floor, or giving someone new moves to use out at the club, Marta thrives on the opportunity to share what she knows and loves.

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Your First Lesson is Always Free!

Whether you’re looking for one-on-one dance lessons or dance classes with a partner or two, Marta Lyszkowicz is more than willing to help.

Her students have been signing up for private dance lessons over and over because of her dynamic personality, clear passion, and obvious talents as a teacher.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve taken ballroom lessons for years or were born with two left feet; Marta Lyszkowicz can help you become the dancer you want to be.

For some people, that may mean dancing on a competitive level. Others may wish to take just enough dance lessons so they can be prepared for a social function.

Let Marta share her expertise with you in a private dance lesson!

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