Dancing through Life: Staying Fit as We Age

Science is bearing out what our grandmother has been telling us for years – moving and staying active can help with many issues associated with growing older, from menopause to weight loss, moving your body keeps you young. There are only so many minutes you can log on the treadmill without boredom setting in, so consider dance as a fun alternative.

Dancing is a great activity to consider as we age, it moves all parts of the body, (not just the legs), it helps our mind stay strong, and it isn’t boring. Unlike playing soccer or tennis, dancing can be modified as we age. The low-impact it has on our bodies make it a great way to keep our hearts strong and develop bone-strengthening muscle.

Unlike trudging through miles on a treadmill, dancing works your entire body, including your core, which is the key to staying strong as we age. Without a gym membership to maintain or weather to worry about, professional ballroom dancing instruction will teach you how entertaining dancing can be. There’s fun music, fun people, and no disheartening calorie-counters.

According to a recent study from the University of Illinois, ballroom dancing in particular is a mind-strengthening exercise as well as a physical one. In just four months, the study showed positive changes in mental cognition for those who engaged in ballroom dancing. As a way to improve your mind and your body, there is no better way to stay in shape.

Certain activities are simply not feasible to do as we age. Running from sports, or just as a way to keep fit, tears down our joints and depletes our meniscus fluid. Ballroom dancing, on the other hand, can be as active or gently paced as your body needs. The low-impact of ballroom dancing will save joints from suffering. In fact, the muscle-building component of the dance movements will protect joints from future injury.

Exercise doesn’t have to be a bitter pill. Once you find a dance style that is right for you, you’ll discover how natural dancing is and much you want to dance. It clears your mind and keeps you active. Move your body and have fun doing it with professional ballroom instruction in Orlando, Florida.

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