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Marta is our teacher

For over three years my husband and I have been enjoying lessons with Marta.  My husband and I met while we were amateur competitors, and after a break from dancing due to work and wedding planning, we decided to start lessons again – together.  We knew that Marta would be the right teacher for us.  She is always happy, positive, and energetic.  It is obvious that she loves what she does and that she cares for her students: she always asks how our week is going, she keeps us up-to-date with local dance events and competitions, and so on.  We can count on her to focus on technique and drills when we want to come closer to mastering something, and we can rely on her to take a step back and help us with new patterns when we just want to concentrate on social dancing.  We love her attention to detail while teaching, her ability to break things down into more easily understood pieces when learning patterns, and her upbeat attitude when helping us pull everything together.  Marta has also been flexible and patient when we’ve had to take some temporary breaks from lessons due to traveling or personal things that arise.  We love having Marta as our teacher!

Lisa and Trevor


Who needs counseling

Marta Lyszkowicz has been an excellent ballroom dance teacher for my husband and I. When we found Marta we went from couple’s counseling once a week to ballroom dancing once a week and we are still going strong 3 years later.  It is obvious that Marta  is passionate about dancing and that carries over into each and every session.  She is highly professional and skilled and is committed to her students and helping them achieve their goals.  My husband and I are committed to meeting with each other on a weekly basis to do something lovely and beautiful together!  How wonderful is that?  Marta has helped us achieve everything we want out of dancing which has helped our marriage immensely.  We enjoy dancing together and feel comfortable doing it!  Marta has helped us evolve into great social dancers.  At events and parties we feel confident and know exactly what to do on the dance floor.  Marta’s coaching has helped us look good dancing too!  I would highly recommend ballroom dancing with Marta.  She is a beautiful person, a beautiful dancer, and an excellent teacher!  We love you Marta!  Thank you!

Dana Murray


Very in tuned to our needs

My husband and I have been taking dance lessons with Marta for the last 6 years and we absolutely LOVE her!! She’s always been very in tuned to our needs – when we wanted to get in better shape, Marta was ready to “whip” us into shape through our dance lessons. When we wanted to start competing as an amateur couple, Marta created these amazing routines for us and worked relentlessly on our technique. When we wanted to slow down and get back to social dancing, Marta showed us some great new moves and reinforced lead and follow techniques (for a novice, this may seem unimportant, but it’s amazing how much more fun it is to dance socially once you know how to properly follow – as a lady – and properly lead – as the gentleman). When we were ready to have our first child, Marta seamlessly modified our lessons so that we could still reap the benefits of dancing while guaranteeing the safety of my growing body:) And when we wanted to come back to dancing after having our baby, Marta easily and happily adjusted our lessons once we had a baby (today a toddler:) coming with us to our lessons.  Through it all, Marta has essentially become a part of our family – always smiling, always positive, always supportive, always encouraging, always inspiring, always truthful. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention? It doesn’t hurt that Marta actually knows what she’s talking about, she’s one of the top professional dancers in the USA!!!

Pilar Sixto and Ed Atikune



I had all sorts of problems before Marta fixed me. I couldn’t walk in a straight line, had what some people might call a few social “quirks” and for the most part wasn’t a big fan of people in general. At the beginning, every single time I would step on the dance floor I’d turn white, start sweating (more than any human should) and almost pass out. However, each time got easier and I eventually did a competition. Dancing has helped me in so many ways and I simply wouldn’t be where I am without Marta. In my opinion, everyone should at least try. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you are lucky enough to do some lessons with Marta, make her say “dandelion” at least once.

Chris, “Sir Sweats A Lot”


I cannot imagine anyone more patient, more intuitive

We have taken lessons from Marta for over two years.  I cannot imagine anyone more patient, more intuitive, or more capable of taking dance lessons from.  She takes the time to create the foundational building blocks and moves forward at a pace everyone is comfortable with.  She is a great person, a great dancer, and a great teacher

Eric and Dana Rine


Hard word and technical proficiency

I have always loved ballroom dancing since I was a teenager, as an ex-professional concert dancer I had always wanted to get into ballroom dance.  The universe placed Marta in my path two years ago.  After social dancing with her for 6 months and learning figures and social ballroom, Marta appealed to my competitive side and asked if I’d be interested in doing competitions.  For me it was an easy yes!  Having fun with Marta social dancing I knew would transfer to competition, plus, having seen her compete I knew she was a person who practices what she preaches to her students.  Hard work, technical proficiency and charisma- this all makes Marta great at what she does.  Since I love the technical side of dance, I have had the pleasure of learning the intricacies of ballroom dance from Marta.  She has put together ballroom drills for me to become more proficient with every lesson.  Marta balances being a strict task master with being a fun teacher!!  I often stay after my lesson and watch her teach others as she is a joy to watch teaching!   I wholeheartedly recommend Marta to anyone who wants to learn social or competitive ballroom dancing.  In a nutshell- I love Marta!!

Matthew Comer, MS


Thank you for the confidence

Thank you for the confidence! I don’t know what made me think I could try this, but I know for a fact that I would have quit rapidly without the confidence you gave me. You made it fun, you made it a passion, a liberating joy. All that from a few seemingly silly steps. It is wonderful to learn from you and something special for sure. Not only will the dancing I learned from you stay with me for the rest of my life, it is also something that I am proud to pass on to my kids. THANK YOU. Couldn’t have felt this good without you!

Mark Stammel


Thank you for teaching me some of your passion

Marta is an excellent teacher. Her passion for ballroom dancing shows in every step every move she makes and teaches. I was truly nervous at first and she took me thru each move day by day slowly. Sometimes so slow it was funny. I needed help with my timing and also my form. She made me feel comfortable with all dances: Rumba, Salsa, Fox Trot, Swing, Hustle and my favorite Bachata…. Bachata ballrooming dancing is so Hot…Thanks you for teaching me some of your passion Marta. Forever Grateful

Jeremy aka two left feet


Marta undertook a “project” when she agreed to teach us to dance.  We had poor posture, no dancing skills, and no knowledge of timing.  Marta tirelessly taught us the basic skills.  She has the unusual ability to break difficult patterns into simple basic components.  Marta seems to never have a bad day, and her positive attitude and encouragement is infectious.  Because of Marta, we are now able to go out dancing without being embarrassed.  In addition to being a great teacher Marta is also a super dancer herself.

Thank you, Marta.

Gary and Pat Richardson

Conquer Fear

Marta has helped me conquer my fear of the dance floor.  Now my wife and I can go to any function and dance the night away and have a great time.

Jon Trevisani, M.D.

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