Types of Dances Learned in the Ballroom

Dance lessons are a great way to be active and how fun while you are doing it. And there are even more benefits to private dance lessons. Orlando, Florida is lucky enough to have a premiere ballroom dance studio, Marta Lyszkowcz Ballroom Dancing.

What sets ballroom dancing apart from other activities is the variety it offers. If the foxtrot is intimidating, consider the rumba. Even the waltz can be modified for beginners. Our instructors can meet you at whatever level you are at, and modify the steps depending on skill.

Consider these amazing dances you can learn with professional ballroom dancing instruction in Orlando, Florida at our studio.

The Waltz

The waltz is the dance most people think of first when considering ballroom dancing. It’s known as one of the most romantic and intimatedances around – so much so that in earlier eras, it was considered scandalous for a woman to waltz with a man outside her inner circle. The waltz is about 28-30 beats a minute in ¾ time, and it’s known for its smooth expressiveness.

The Cha-Cha

The cha-cha is a popular ballroom dance that often serves as a base for modern dance routines. For example, many popular Zumba routines use cha-cha steps as warm-ups or part of complicated workouts. It’s a fast Latin dance of about 128 beats per minute, combining footwork with hip and knee movement.

The Rumba

Rumba is another Latin dance, but slower than the cha-cha. The execution of this dance is also the story of teasing and flirtation. It would be a fun dance for couples to learn together or a great way to strengthen hips and core. The rumba’s basic rhythm is quick-quick-slow with side-to-side hip movements.

The Foxtrot

Some people may recognize the foxtrot from movies starring Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, or Gene Kelley. You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy the foxtrot, though. It’s a fast dance, but relatively simple. The American style is known as more “theatrical” than the international style, and it is often seen in Broadway musicals.

Whatever dance makes you want to slide across the ballroom floor, we can make sure you are confident doing it. Contact us to learn more about our free 30 minute dance lesson, as well as any interest you may have in some of these exciting dances.

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