Dancing through Life: Staying Fit as We Age

Science is bearing out what our grandmother has been telling us for years – moving and staying active can help with many issues associated with growing older, from menopause to weight loss, moving your body keeps you young. There are only so many minutes you can log on the treadmill without boredom setting in, so consider dance as a fun alternative. Dancing is a great activity to consider as we age, it moves all parts of the body, (not just […]

Principles of Ballroom Dance Etiquette

When you sign up for professional ballroom dancing instruction in Orlando, Florida, you will be learning several new dances that can serve you well in social situations. However, it’s crucial to pay attention to dance etiquette as well. Everything from wearing the proper attire to respecting other dancers’ space will make your ballroom experience more comfortable. Dress and Grooming Despite the stereotypes of ballroom dancing, it’s not necessary to show up in an evening gown or tuxedo. Just like any […]

Types of Dances Learned in the Ballroom

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Dance lessons are a great way to be active and how fun while you are doing it. And there are even more benefits to private dance lessons. Orlando, Florida is lucky enough to have a premiere ballroom dance studio, Marta Lyszkowcz Ballroom Dancing. What sets ballroom dancing apart from other activities is the variety it offers. If the foxtrot is intimidating, consider the rumba. Even the waltz can be modified for beginners. Our instructors can meet you at whatever level […]

Benefits of Ballroom Dancing Orlando

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Don’t wait to discover the fun of learning to dance. Professional ballroom dancing instruction in Orlando, Florida offers more than just fun. There are many more benefits including increased health, better mental acuity, and improved social skills. Consider the ways focused and skilled instruction can transform your social life and activity levels: Health and Fitness Advantages Ballroom dancing has been shown to slow the aging process significantly. Dancing strengthens the cardiovascular system and builds muscles, alleviating or preventing disorders such […]

·Ballroom Dancing: Exercise for Your Heart

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These days, everybody is concerned about heart health. Unfortunately, cardiovascular (heart) disease is the number one killer in the United States. The answer to this problem is multifold: a healthy diet, good exercise habits, and smart lifestyle choices. With our busy, scheduled lives, many of us feel like there’s no time for exercise. However, Marta Lyszkowicz believes that mindset changes when you’re passionate about the way you exercise. For many people in the Orlando area, private dance lessons and group […]

·No Better Way to Lose Weight Than Ballroom Dancing!

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Have a few extra pounds you could live without? Sure, you could go to the gym, run on the treadmill, sweat it out. But you could also give ballroom dancing a try! Marta Lyszkowicz has helped hundreds of people trim down through ballroom dancing. There’s no need to focus on aerobic dance techniques. Rather, burning calories is something that just comes naturally as a result of good dance classes! Here are two of Marta’s favorite dances for losing weight East […]

·3 Ways Ballroom Dancing Can Spice Up Your Love Life!

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Did you know that couples that dance well together enjoy happier relationships? It’s true! Ballroom dancing can actually improve the quality of your relationship. As we approach Valentine’s Day, what better way to spice up your love life than a few private dance classes? Check out some of the non-dance related benefits you and your significant other will enjoy when you take dance lessons… #1 Better Communication Ballroom dancing requires a lot of non-verbal communication. Many of the indicators are extremely subtle, […]

·Marta’s Dance Blog

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